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Completed ICO offering in May 2018, raising $30M USD in Berry Cryptocurrency


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Rentberry enable both landlords and tenants to enjoy a fully decentralized rental experience that includes open and transparent application processes, crowdsourced rental deposit networks, instant rent payments, and

internationally valid tenant and landlord scores. 

Latest News

  • completed ICO offering in May 2018, raising $30M USD in Berry Cryptocurrency

  • current focus is the completion of the blockchain component in the product and seeking overseas market expansion opportunities and strategic partnerships

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CEO & Co-founder, Alex Lubinsky

In 2018, Rentberry became a global platform and offered ability for people from all over the world to use its services and its cryptocurrency. Our team constantly partners with leading real estate companies thus constantly expanding our value proposition. Our ultimate goal is to offer ability for tenants and landlords to use a unified global long-term rental solution and offer our users ability to save millions of dollars in rental deposits via our co-signor network (crowdsourced rental deposits) that is planned to go live by end of this year.

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