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808 ventures is a venture capital firm focused on making early-stage technology investments and backing world-class entrepreneurs to help them build the exceptional companies of tomorrow

85 Forrest Street, Cottesloe, WA 6011

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Our Team

Equally accountable to each other and the companies with whom we work.


Gary Macbeth
Art Caisse 808 Ventures
Tony Ross 808 Ventures

Gary Macbeth

Perth, AUS 

Art Caisse

Silicon Valley, USA 


Mark Potts headshot.jpg
808 Ventures Advisory

Mark Potts

Paul Chamberlain

Tony Ross


Tom Kooy1.png

Tom Kooy

Jan Kolbusz.jpg

Jan Kolbusz


Jasmine Shih

Raf BW .jpg

Rafael Kimberly-Bowen

Nick Northcott.jpg

Nick Northcott

Gordon Webster1.jpg

Gordon Webster

808 Ventures Advisory

Ricardo Berios

808 Ventures Advisory

Charles Ganz

808 Ventures Advisory

Andrew Forkes

Chris Peyton2.jpg

Chris Peyton

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