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808 Global
Who's it For?

808 Global is a fit for investors who have the capacity and seek a more personal, selective approach in their investments.

808 Global is an alliance of funds, family offices, and investment networks providing exclusive access to invest into companies and funds from around the world. This global syndication delivers geographic and/or sector specific focus, providing investors with access to opportunities that would otherwise be impossible to get into.

Every opportunity you see via 808 Global is championed by an alliance investment professional. Depending on your risk appetite, you can select early-stage or later-stage positions, with capital pooled with other 808 clients into specific companies and even funds of your choice. You can invest with the added comfort that your invested capital has local boots on the ground to provide on-going support to the companies we collectively invest in.

Invest in companies: every deal is sourced, screened, and championed by an 808 Global alliance member. 

Invest in funds: As alliance fund managers raise new funds, you'll have the opportunity to invest into these funds, giving you even greater opportunity to build and scale a diverse global portfolio.

808 Side-car 'Robo-funds': For alliance funds already active and not taking on investors, 808 will seek to raise co-investment robo-funds that will automtically invest alongside our alliance partners. Every investment they make will have a pro-rata allocation from the 808 robo-fund.

Either way, you get to build your portfolio through investing alongside professional investors who are doing the heavy lifting. 

How are transactions executed?

808 Global investments may be exectuted via

  • Managed investment SPV, (special purpose vehicle), pooling collective client capital into one discrete position in the investee fund or company.

  • Direct investment by client. (where suited to client profile and scale of investment)

808 Tech Venture Fund 
Who's it For?

Investing via our 808 Tech Venture Fund gives all the benefits of 808 Global, with a more managed portfio approach, allowing you to put your capital to work though our investment team, letting us do the heavy- lifting in buidling your portfolio.


808 Tech Venture Fund invests at the most lucrative early-stage of technology companies that are scalable and have exceptional growth prospects. Taking early positions brings provides high uplift potential, with the added benefit of pro rata rights on later stage follow-on investments. 


We source quality teams to work with, adding as much value along their journey as possible to maximize the potential ROI for our investors.

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We provide investors with access to high growth early-stage global businesses and portfolio diversification normally reserved for institutional investors.

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We strive to ensure our portfolio has demonstrated technical and commercial validation to offer a reduced risk of failure and the best prospects for high growth.

Investing in startups


We identify, evaluate, negotiate and acquire the opportunity at the right phase of a company business cycle and the right price (valuation).  

An investor, small or large, may invest in a Managed Account as a Premier or Prime Investor:

Investing in good people doing good things

Investment Strategy

 What we look for when we invest:

truly awesome people that we like spending time with


market challenging innovation with scalable technologies


potential for $100M+ valuations and strong returns on investment


ability to invest for influence not control

Our international team background is hands-on delivery in the trenches. We’ve built and led companies, we’ve experienced exits, and we’ve experienced failure; bringing the benefit from efforts and lessons learned along the way. We collectively source and screen deals from around the globe in executing our investment process.

Manage Your Risk! Invest With Us

Manage Your Risk – with 808 as your technology investment specialist in Venture as an Asset Class.

Corporate Information

808 Ventures Pty Ltd is an investment management firm, headquared in Perth, Western Australian. 808 operates as a Corporate Authorized Representative with AFSL licensed Treasury Services Group Pty Ltd. (AFSL 315347).

Risk Warning

An investment in early-stage technogy ventures involves a high degree of risk, including the risk that the entire amount invested may be lost. Capital invested may decrease in value due to specific company issues not related to the broader market. Investors invest in the knowledge that may lose part or all of any capital invested. Investments in early-stage private companies should only be part of your overall investment portfolio and those investors who cannot hold an investment for the long term (at least 5-7 years) should not invest.