The world's first desktop Quantum Computer

The Quantum desktop is no longer an idea.


Equal1's hot qubit technology leads the world with on chip integration for compact Quantum Computer design.

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Quantum Computing




California & Ireland


Solving real world problems with the world's first scalable semiconductor quantum computer. 

Latest News

  • Operational Quantum chip with quantum neural network deployed on single chip, with 424 qubits. 

  • Fitting in a standard 32" rack, our latest chip, Alpha 1, features 424 qubits running at 150 spin flip time with 50 nanaseocond cohereance, consuming 10mW of power.

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CEO & Founder, 
Dirk Leopold

"We are firm believers that there will be more than one winning qubit technology.


We believe that the first applications for our technology will lie with neural networks.  We can scale the number of qubits within a standard CMOS, opening broad potential with neural network applications, such as chest-xray classification, running on our silicon qubit technology."